Over the course of a three-week session we want to gather a group of Central Colorado artists to participate in speculative 
discourse around new/experimental bodies of work. While seeking information, knowledge and community, participants 
must be open to criticism, mysticism and skepticism. Deep Crit will help emerging artists look towards the future by creating 
an environment that exists outside of institution and academics. Expect mildly shocking plunges in to murky waters only
to emerge with a different sense of your art self <3

Six (6) artists will be selected via application for a three-week critique session at Yes Ma’am Projects. Two artists per 
week will set up and document new work in one of two small gallery spaces at Yes Ma’am Projects. Critique will begin after 
a small dinner and drinks. Each session will have one or two guest critics to help facilitate discussion. Criticism is expected
to be serious, constructive, informative and deep.

Who should apply:
Emerging artists with an ongoing and current practice who are at least one year removed from an undergraduate degree 
(no degree required) and have not previously participated in museum exhibitions, commercial gallery exhibitions, other 
large scale solo exhibitions, residencies or Masters programs. We are looking for the in-betweeners who are seeking and need
a bit of a push. You should be willing to make subtle or large shifts in conceptual and visual aspects of your work. As 
a participant in the critiques you have the ability to share your knowledge of theory, concept and material skills while 
being malleable and giving as a human being.If you have questions about your eligibility, please ask, or just go ahead 
and apply. Artists will be selected by qualityof work and ability to work within a group setting. All ages and mediums 
are welcome.

- Participation in all three sessions (should be three consecutive weeks at the end of January/beginning of February 
most likely on Sundays with install starting at 4 pm and dinner starting at 6 pm. Expect Critique to last up to 3 hours. Yes Ma'am Projects is located in Athmar Park in Denver. You must provide transportation for your work and yourself to
all three sessions. - Thoughtful, constructive and authentic dialogue from all participants. - Engagement in the small critique community that provides support for forward movement in each artist’s practice - The application process is free. Once accepted a $50 program fee is required that will help pay for guest critics and other incidentals. The full balance should be paid before the program begins. APPLICATION GUIDELINES - APPLICATION IS FREE - CV in pdf format including your name, website and any pertinent information (ig account if public, press, etc.) - Up to ten (10) images of recent work with descriptions (title, size, medium and any other information) made in
the last two years OR a website with work indicating work made in the last two years. Please send as a single pdf
document with a maximum of two images per page. Please make sure the quality of the images are discernable
but also don't blow up our inbox :) - Statement of intent explaining your current work, how it relates to your application images and
why you want to participate in the program - Contact information of one reference who can speak to your artistic approach and ability to be a part of
a group critique. Please inform your reference that you are applying to a thing :) - Email questions and applications to Applications that are incomplete, late, or fail to
meet the requirements will not be considered. DEADLINE TO APPLY IS DECEMBER 27, 2019 11:59 PM ACCEPTANCE EMAILS WILL BE SENT OUT DURING THE SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY 2020 WITH CRIT BEGINNING AT THE END OF JANUARY/BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY *Deep Crit is cribbing much of this format from ASMBLY, a critique group founded by Julie Grosche and
Michael Jones McKean in NYC. ** Deep Crit is not to be confused with Deep Club, who we love and probably subconsciously got
the name from <3